2019 year of Golf Fitness

This year I am going to share with you the latest research and cutting edge golf fitness and golf performance techniques. 
I am a Health Therapist, Yoga/ Stott Pilates/ Fitness instructor and Titleist Performance certified instructor.

An avid golfer currently playing in Galway Golf Club.

Let me introduce my skills and focus areas.

My blog will be dedicated to:
Golf Fitness
Nutrition for Golf
Injury Prevention
Injury Treatment for Golf

We will look at the following: What is!

Rotatory Power – Golf is a rotatory Sport. Back swing and Down swing all happening through aligned rotation.

Fundamental components to develop Rotatory Power

General strength
Rotary movement exercises
Anti-rotation & rotational stability exercises

Top players are pushing off the ground with their leg and glutei muscles with the aim of generating a more powerful hit. Your lower back is not designed to carry a heavy load. It is imperative that we focus on strengthening the lower body which will help take the body from a high to a low position.

General Strength – Squats and the dreaded deadlifts will improve your force and the transmission between the upper and lower body.

Squats are the best functional exercises.    That  promote :
Fat burning
Improved knee stability
Strengthening of connective tissues.

Dead lifts (multi-joint/compound exercise) works your GLUTES and Glutes are the King of the golf swing (they also work to protect your lower back in golf swing), The core – is working in partnership with your glutes and provides stability for your pelvis.

TIP: If you grow muscles they will help you to burn fat (even when resting).

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