Kasia Ferenczuk

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Kasia Ferenczuk highly experienced:

    • Titleist Performance Institute Certificated Expert Fitness Level 2 and Medical Level 2
    • SFMA Selective Functional Movement Assessment
    • FMS Functional Movement Screen
    • Massage Therapist
    • Pilates Instructor STOTT PILATES® (Specialised in Injuries and Special Population) 
    • Yoga Instructor and Educator
    • Physical Rehabilitator
    • Golf Fitness Instructor
    • Aerial Yoga Educator
    • Golf Seminars
    • Tutoring Methods of Training & Nutrition
      at Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor Course 

She is known for intelligent, eclectic, direct and purposeful teaching methods. 
All her classes & Seminars are based on a rich movement background and her style is both powerful and playful. She finds inspiration in teaching to every level, from professional athletes to complete beginners, and prides herself in delivering a vibrant, informative and thorough experience. 

Being approachable and engaging are two of Kasia’s many attributes which enable her to deliver a consistently high standard to her students. .

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Living in Galway, Kasia has made this her home over the past 10 years and she loves a life of adventure. Rowing on the Corrib, playing golf, running, weight training and swimming in open water all are ways which she strives to show people the best way to achieve her philosophy of life – that people should live it to the full.

A woman of many accomplishments, Kasia is a Pilates Educator and Teacher Trainer who earned her primary comprehensive certification with Yoga Hub and she is also certified with STOTT PILATES®.
She began teaching in the fitness industry in 2013 upon completion of her first marathon and has passionately pursued certifications in Pilates, Golf Fitness, yoga, prenatal fitness, rehabilitation, Aerial fitness, fitness and nutrition ever since. In addition to working with clients, teaching movement professionals and teaching corporate Yoga & Pilates classes. 
Always keen to learn and develop new methods which she can tailor to suit her clients, both those who are new to the field and teaching movement professionals, Kasia devises education courses and workshops which incorporate a unique and contemporary fusion of Pilates, Yoga and Aerial training which is unique to Kasia’s brand.