Personalised services for
Mind & Body

Whether you’re a big brand, a small business or private person we have wellness programs to improve your or yours employee physical and mental health.

What services?

Choose one from our Wellness-based systems of weight reduction, exercise plans, posture analysis, nutritional advice, golf fitness, massage, improving sleeping patterns and many other wellness-related or preventive treatments. We can tailor them to suit your company or your personal needs.
Our program combines the best in health, wellbeing, fitness and nutrition to transform employee or personal health and wellness leading to better performance and productivity.

What.. specified more

Health Screening. 
Posture Analysis and/or Seated Desk Analysis to improve employee posture personal prescribed exercises program 
Bespoke Exercise/Stretches At Your Desk.

Fitness ,Yoga, Pilates and Mindfulness Classes.
Health and Wellbeing Workshops. Nutrition Consultation & Follow-up. Wellness true Sport – this is where we bring all tips and techniques to life. 

Group Fitness Programs

Yoga, Pilates, Functional Training, Strength and Conditioning – in your workplace or organize space for it out from it also Boxing, Rowing, Golf and many more social activities. We also offer Yoga/Pilates at Desk (perform on the chair).

Mindfulness Programs

We have big range of wellbeing programs to improve mental health. From breathing techniques to psychology and mediation methods. Yoga Retreats and outdoor activities. Also we provide Stress Management programs

Posture Analysis and Massage

We will assess posture distortions (standing and sitting) and tailor posture improvement or rehabilitation plan. Corporate Chair Massage/ or full body Massage which is convenience as there is no need for travel for your employees.