banagher pilates yoga

General Information, Terms and Conditions.

Venue :>> Esker School<< R42 F251

Pilates Beginners February Term:
Mon (6pm, 8:30pm), Tue (8pm), Wed Pilates 9:45am, Wednesdays Yoga (8:15pm)  = 40e
Thursdays 6pm  = 50e
NO pay as you go – except to members who like to attend extra classes in that term.

NO joining in the middle of the term.

What you need: comfortable clothing, no food 1 hour prior the class, small towel (size of hand towel).
*PILATES mat – if you have Yoga mat that will do on the beginning but Yoga mats are bit to thin so I would recommend purchasing ticker mat, or you can use towel or blanket under your yoga mat.

Pilates Mat link.

You MUST fill Client intake Form before INTRODUCTION Class
Term starts at the first week of the month and conducts of 4 or 5 weeks depends of how many weeks in that month.
You are paying for term – Classes can’t be carried to next month.
You can sign only for full term as there is people who wants to do full term on the waiting list.

If you are going to miss class I will accommodate you on other day IF there is cancellation on another day/I can provide link to Online Live class/ Recording from this week class. 
Term Price: 10e per 1 class a week – 40e or 50e a term
8e for 2 classes a week.

*Yoga classes are completely separate to Pilates.

If you have any injuries, health conditions – discuss with your doctor before joining classes.