Kasia Golfer TPI

I am Yoga and Pilates instructor, I also Teach Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainings, and work as a Therapist. I was fascinated by the mechanics in golf and how the quality of movement affects the golf performance, and that brought me to what I am doing now.
Before I did TPI training I had golfers coming to me with injuries (golfers and tennis elbows, lower back pain etc.) or to write Yoga/Pilates sequences to improve mobility/stability. So I decided to do TPI..

TPI stands for: Titleist performance institute, they are based in California, US and have developed a program to train Golf Professionals in Fitness and Medical fields.
I have done Fitness and I’m just finishing the Medical Program with them.

I am a Titleist Performance Institute certified Expert which means I am trained to see the correlation between a golfer’s physical limitations and their swing flaws, then I can prescribe science-based conditioning program tailored to the player.

The Medical Program focuses on Golf related injuries. We screen athletes using Selective Functional Movement Screening to prevent injuries and improve quality of movement. We also analyse if there is any past or present injuries so that I  can help athletes to recover and retrain the body to avoid any father compensations or injuries. Non-treated injury leads to another injuries.