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Females have greater mobility than men.
does this mean? Spending less time on flexibility, more on power and strength. 
decrease in muscle mass (compared to men), it means we require less recovery time.

As a female athlete we are affected by our genetic makeup such as:
Ligamentous laxity and decreasing neuromuscular performance
Hormonal fluctuations

Incorporating a Golf Fitness Training program has to be manipulated to suit your menstrual cycle to avoid the risk from potential physical injury during different phases of your cycle.

There are opportunities windows to prevent injury by substituting exercises and also knowing the times when its beneficial to recover and to train hard. 

During the cycle we have two windows

-Hypo mobile  is when we need to stretch and/or mobilise as much as possible. 
-Hypermobile. is 
the optimal time to incorporate a weight-training program to add strength and stability to the hypermobile joints, to avoid injury you need to force the hypermobile joints through excessive ranges of motion.

would be delighted to assist your training and prepare for you for a Golf Fitness Training program to fit in to your cycle.

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