Working with local organisations within Galway and the multinationals within the medical device field, sport clubs and privet clients. Primary experience in posture, RSI (Repetitive strain injury) reduction strategies, Posture Analysing, Selective Functional Movement Screening, Nutrition, Muscular Therapy, Rehabilitation, Fitness (including Golf, Yoga, Pilates, functional training), anatomy, the human body, massage and Meditation.

How can I help you:

-Golf Fitness (one to one or online)
-Golf Nutrition
-Yoga & Pilates
-Mobility & Flexbility
-Workshops, Teams & One on one

Body-swing connection

Kasia Ferenczuk is Titleist Performance Institute Certified Expert TPI, specialise in the golfer’s swing mechanics and characteristics, biomechanics, golfers posture types, identifying players limitations, movement quality and physical fitness that will create a plan which is unique for the player to achieve an efficient swing based on what he/she can physically do.

Injury? Special Condition?

Trained in evaluating and treating postural problems. Faulty alignments are cosing stress and strains on bones, joints, ligaments and muscles. I use Selective Functional Movement Assessment, Functional Movement Screen and Static & dynamic postural analysis to tailor exercise program to correct faulty postural position.

Personalised services for Mind & Body.
Golf fitness, Yoga and Pilates in Galway and Banagher Area!

I am a Titleist Performance Institute certified Expert which means I am trained to see the correlation between a golfer’s physical limitations and their swing flaws, then I can prescribe science-based conditioning program tailored to the player.
I am also Yoga and Pilates instructor, I also Teach Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainings, and work as a Therapist. I was fascinated by the mechanics in golf and how the quality of movement affects the golf performance, and that brought me to what I am doing now.

Customers reviews

born to move golf

Ales Jevtic

Goodman Medical

Kasia is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and energetic yoga teacher and I would recommend her to all genders, ages or fitness levels. Pleasure attending Kasia's classes at my workplace.

Wellness Program

Wellness Program


Kasia brings a professional, dynamic and fun approach to workplace wellness. We have been working with Kasia improving our ergonomic program and the feedback is fantastic, improved health, fitness for our employees with tailored programs designed to help our company improve wellness for all.



Business Analyst

Pilates classes for my staff it was one of the best things I have organised in my life . We really appreciate Kasia's professionalism, passion and enthusiasm that have input in to Pilates that provided to us.

  • abbott

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