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Golf & Well-being Holiday package:
Golf Specific Yoga and Pilates by TPI Expert.
Our morning golf specific neuromuscular activation practice will in-corporate Functional movement, Yoga poses selected specifically using golf and Pilates exercises. All addressed to the physical and physiological demands to the wonderful game of golf.

The Morning class will focus on:
-All planes of movement,
-Multi-jointed exercises,
-Correct posture and sequencing,
-Core and glutes strength,
-Neuromuscular connection. 

This dynamic class will warm up your muscles, mobilise/stabilise different segments in your body to help you develop your body awareness. 
Our Morning meditation will improve your mental performance

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Evening classes will help you ground down and relax. 

Focusing on:
-Alignment and posture,
-Balance and proprioception (less negative stress on your muscles and connective tissues),
-Static and dynamic stretches.

This class will be focused with 15 minutes guided meditation to calm your mind and relax your body. 


Other Services:

One to One TPI assessment and Golf Fitness program.
I am a Titleist Performance Institute certified Expert which means I am trained to see the correlation between a golfer’s physical limitations and their swing flaws, I can prescribe science-based conditioning programs tailored to the player.
(This must be separately booked with Kasia and will take around 60minutes).

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Topics covered:

Flexibility – Mobility – Stability – Balance
-What is the difference between Flexibility and Mobility.
-How important is stability and balance. 

-How any imbalances in these areas are affecting your golf swing.
-How to improve weak areas to perform better on the golf course. 

Power, Strength and Speed
– What is power, kinematic sequence, how to generate more power and how to protect ourselves from losing it.

What is strength, how it affects your swing, do you need be stronger, which parts of your body need strength to generate more club speed.

– SpeedWhat is speed, how age is affecting it. 

Injury prevention
Most common injuries in golf and how to prevent them.

What to eat before, during and after your round.

Golf Psychology
How to improve your mental performance.

Woman vs. Man

How hormones are affecting the body and how that’s related to your golf performance.

Our Seminar can take one day or can be split over a few days to cover different topic each day.